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Joghar’s mission is to Inspire millions of Web3 and crypto enthusiasts to a healthier lifestyle while also connecting a global community of fitness enthusiasts to the decentralized web and distributed apps & Blockchain technology.


The Fitness market sits at a valuation of almost $100B with majority of it being on web2 apps and models where the value created is solely for the benefit of fitness app owners.
Joghar will be taking a different approach as we will be fusing Web3, NFTs, Social-Fi and Game-Fi to develop a creator value centric ecosystem where everyone can earn value from the actions they take.
Joghar will basically function as a fitness app that integrates your day to day fitness activity in real life while also rewarding you in cryptocurrencies, turning your day to day activities in a move to earn economics.
Users can run, walk, stroll or run outdoors to earn $JOG Tokens which can be used to unlock new levels and also mint and acquire new NFT sneakers.

Why We Chose The Name, Joghar

Joghar is derived from the english word Jogger which has two meanings
A person who jogs as a form of physical exercise.
Sweat pants or Loose trousers made of a stretchy fabric and typically elasticated at the waist and ankles, worn especially for jogging.
Joghar will be combining these two elements but the difference is that the Jogger Pants will exist as NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain.

How Will Joghar Work?

Joghar will be a web3 gamified move to earn ecosystem as users can stroll, walk, jog, run to maintain a healthy lifestyle while also rewarding them at the same time.
Joghar will turn your Fitness journey into a rewarding social experience.

Joghar Mechanics

Web3 Pedometer App: Joghar will be infusing the social incentives that have been prevalent in the wearables industry but with extra motivation to support a more active lifestyle as Joghar players can sync data from their mobile App or Wearables to their Joghar Account in other to customize and upgrade their NFT Joggers & Sneakers.
Move To Earn: Joghar will convert players real life movements to Move Points (MPs) in a new concept called Move To Play while also combining this MPs in a play to earn economy giving the user ability to earn Financial Rewards in Form of Cryptocurrencies.
MPs (Move Points): Move Points are a state in the Joghar Sneaker & Joggers Metadata which increases with movement activity. Once The Required Amount is attained, The Sneakers & Joggers Can Be Upgraded.

Joghar Assets

Regenerative NFT Sneakers: A Generative Non-fungible Token that will be represented as Sneakers That can be upgraded and Customized. Players can mint a Sneaker NFT For Free based on the amount of $JOG Tokens Held or Staked.
Over Time, A Sneaker NFT Increases in Value as players invest time and effort gathering Move Points (MPs) and It’s Value can be further increased using Joggers.
Joggers: A non Fungible Token that can be designed / created using $JOG & $FIT tokens while owning a Sneaker, Joggers comes in different sizes and colors and play a unique role in affecting Move Points
Lockers: Lockers are Each Sneaker’s Resting Place where it can be stored and upgraded. Lockers Are a Non-Fungible Token That Can be Purchased or Crafted using JOG, FIT & Joggers. Lockers unlock the ability of a player to directly create Joggers and earn FIT from playing
Different Types Of Lockers have Different Effects On Sneaker’s endurance rate & Joggers creation costs.
Players can lease Their Lockers to other Players To Earn Revenue, Each locker can only support a Sneaker at a time.
A Player’s Locker must always have a Jogger Or It will be Rusted And Stop Earning FIT
Players on Joghar can choose to rent or sell their Lockers which will be represented as NFTs on the in-app Joghar NFT Marketplace.
$JOG Tokens earned by the users are stored in the Joghar In App Wallet which they can choose to swap and sell for profits.
Please Note That You can only earn JOG while moving after you have gained some certain MP Points.

Joghar is on a mission to achieve two things, become a leading web3 based fitness app that will also reward and incentivize users for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Joghar Features

Everyone Can Play: Combining gamification, move to earn and blockchain technology, Joghar will incentivize millions of smartphone users around the world to embrace a healthier lifestyle while also getting rewarded at the same time.
Low Entry Barrier: To Play, Joghar does not require users to own NFT assets, they can rent them from other users to get started while they can split the earnings at a rate determined by the owners.
Learn, Earn While Staying Healthy: There are million of users of fitness apps who have never heard about blockchain or cryptocurrency, Joghar will be a starting point for them into the de-fi sphere.

Revenue Model

We Joghar to be as intuitive and engaging to our users as we are placing great importance to both technology and creativity as tools for our advancement and growth.
We have developed a revenue stream that will make up our business model.

In App Fees

We charge little fees from in-app events such as Power Up NFT accessories sales, Sneakers Minting, Sneaker Repairs.
Commissions from Staked Play as players an run against friends while staking some JOG Tokens.
Rental fees from users looking to rent NFT Sneakers to participate in the Move To Earn.
NFT Marketplace Fees.

B2B Partnerships

We are open to building partnerships and exploring opportunities.
We are interested in working with any business providing a service or product that is focused on improving lifestyle through technology as Joghar can be beneficial to those businesses through means of promotions in form of In-Game NFT Drops and Easter Eggs.

Healing The Earth One JOG At A Time

For Every Profit made on Joghar, a portion of that goes to making the earth greener.

Community Driven, No VCs

Inline with being a decentralized and community owned platform, we will not be accepting VC funds, everyone will have a fair chance to join the TGE.

Joghar Tokens

Joghar Ecosystem would have two tokens that would be minted on the Cardano Blockchain.
$JOG Token
$FIT Token

JOG Token: Governance Token

JOG Total Supply: 500,000,000 (500 Million)
JOG Token Utility:
To Improve & Increase Chances of Receiving More NFT Sneakers During Sneaker Minting
Stake To Earn More $JOG Or $FIT Tokens
Spend Or Stake $JOG to increasing your Daily Move To Earn Cap
Experience Level Upgrade Can Be Done By Spending $JOG
Sneaker Customization Fees
JOG Token Distribution Team: 20%
By allocated a percentage of $JOG tokens to the team, it shows our commitment to the cause will be incentivized to make our coins increase in value by ensuring we build a top notch product. 20% of the total supply will be reserved for the team members for long term growth.
The Team tokens will be locked for a year to be released for a number of years.
Advisors: 3%
3% of $JOG Token supply will be reserved for our business partners to properly align our ideas and values for short term and long term growth. We will distribute tokens over a number of years to incentivize long term vision among our team and partners over short term gain.
Private Seed Sale: 18%
Early adopters wishing to get in on the Joghar train early can acquire $JOG tokens at the cheapest price possible.
Move & Earn Rewards: 31%
This will be the vault from which rewards are given to Joghar users for completing certain tasks like walking, running. Each time you complete a challenge, you will be rewarded with $FIT tokens.
The total amount of coins receivable is 155 million $JOG tokens distributed over a period of 10 years.
Ecosystem/ Treasury: 20%
$JOG ecosystem treasury tokens are reserved for marketing and strategic partnerships.
The Ecosystem tokens will also serve as a reserve for the move to earn rewards after the 10th year.
The platform is designed in such a way that no new coins have to be mined, meaning the number of coins will not increase which in turn protects against its dilution in value.
In the future, the Treasury may serve as the main source of income for the platform where Joghar will consolidate all coins to the Treasury and users are able to continuously earn coins through the Joghar App.
Public Sale / IDO: 8%
The final 8% will be for the Public Sale, Inital Dex Offering(IDO)

Vesting Period

Team: 12 Months Cliff, 5% per month Vesting
Advisors: 6 Months Cliff, 10% per month Vesting
Private Seed Sale: 8 Months Vesting
Move & Earn Rewards: 12 Months Cliff, 0.4% Monthly Emission Rate, After 12 Months, Will be reduced by half to 0.2% to be reduced by half after 12 months.
Ecosystem/ Treasury: 3% unlocked at TGE, Emission rate of 0.3% Monthly
Public Sale: Fully Unlocked

FIT Token

FIT Token: In App Reward Token
FIT Total Supply: Unlimited
FIT Utility
Earn FIT tokens while Running on Joghar App
Mint Joggers NFT
Sneaker Repair & Upgrade
Sneaker Features Unlocking
In App Assets Purchase

Joghar NFT Sneakers

The NFT Sneakers will activate your ability to earn while moving about.
We will take a new approach in the initial drop of the NFT sneakers.
Rather than sell the first NFTs to the community, we will take a community-centric approach and offer the initial Sneaker NFT Drops for free to the early JOG Token holders who have staked their JOG Tokens.

Joghar Perpetual Staking

The Joghar staking dashboard offers users a Novel and Unique approach to NFT Staking.
You stake your JOG Tokens to get access to Sneaker Boxes, More JOG Token yield.
The staking campaign will start with the NFT Sneaker Drops.

How Do You Get A Free NFT Sneaker Drop?

1: Stake $JOG
2: Earn Sneaker Tickets (ST)
3: For every $JOG staked per Epoch, you earn one ST.
4: At the end of the event, a snapshot is taken and a lottery takes place
5: Sneaker Boxes are awarded
6: You get bonus Sneaker Tickets for higher stakes, but no single address can win more than 5 Sneaker Boxes
7: The Sneaker Boxes contain The Sneakers
8: There will be probability rate of a Sneaker Box giving a Sneaker
9: Other Events Can Follow, Like Staking yield

What's Unique About JOG Perpetual Staking?

You do not need to re-stake your JOG tokens for future events. The staking is perpetual and rolls over to the next event automatically.
The staking is flexible and has no lock. You can leave whenever you like. Staking does have a short cool down period of 3 Epochs, meaning once you want to exit, you have to wait 15 days or else you lose all rewards
We are excited to bring the industry the first of its kind perpetual flexible staking. We believe this form of staking is in the best interest of the community as a one-time stake opens opportunities to almost everything happening in the Cardano ecosystem.

Joghar Roadmap

At Joghar, we prioritize long term growth as we are will be on a continuous innovation that will inspire people to take better care of their health in new and exciting ways and at the same time getting to understand how blockchain technology works.
Q2 2022
Q3 2022
Q4 2022
Q1 2023
Q2 2023
✅ Project Ideation
Joghar Product Specifications
Joghar App Mockup Design Release
Public Beta Testing
Multi Chain Compatibility
✅ Joghar Proof Of Concept Test
Community Partnerships
In App Partnerships & Integrations
Joghar NFT Sneakers Drop
✅ Play To Earn Research
Joghar App UI/UX Creation
Closed App Beta Testing
Joghar In App NFT Marketplace Launch
✅ Implementation On Cardano
Private Funding Rounds
IEO/Public Sale
Joghar In App Trade
✅ Team Building
Marketing Campaigns
Exchange Listing
IP & Brand Partnerships
⏳ Joghar Litepaper Release
Joghar App Architecture Review
Coinmarketcap & Coingecko Listings
Store Integrations

Thank You For Reading

Partnership & Enquiries, Email: [email protected]

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